One of the biggest motivators is seeing results, and with doing correct HIIT exercises you can expect to see them quickly, not just in your body shape but also in your fitness levels. So I recommend you do the following simple Fitness Tests and make a note of either the time or repetitions.

Fitness Tests And Results

Fitness Testings And Results

You could simply select one, or you may want to do all following five. Every three weeks redo these tests and I can promise you that if you have been doing the workouts you can expect to see amazing results.

The One-mile Test: Run Or Walk

For this test you can either run or walk, but simply map out a one-mile route and complete this distance in as fast a time as you can. If you are a complete beginner to exercise, then stick with a walk and just pace yourself. If you are a runner, then run it in your best time.

The Upper-body Test: Push-ups

For beginners to intermediate exercisers, perform on your knees. For advanced exercisers, perform full body. Push-ups are a great way to assess your upper-body strength and endurance. Simply perform as many as you can with good form and make a note of how many you can do. You will be impressed to see that number increase in the space of three weeks.

The Lower-body Test: Walking Lunges

The lower body will very quickly improve in stamina and endurance, and a great way to measure this is by doing the walking lunge test. Simply count how many walking lunges you can do, while still performing them with good technique. Each time you do a workout, you will be increasing and improving your lower body fitness, and you will be delighted with the increase you see each time you redo the test.

The How You Feel Test

Okay, this one is simply how strong and fit you feel, and for this I suggest we work on a grade system of 1-10, in which 1 is feeling unfit, tired, no energy, overweight; and 10 is feeling fit, strong, energized, toned, and a healthy weight. The great thing with HIIT is that it affects every component of fitness, so you will feel results all over. And trust me, each week you will feel better.

Body Shape And Weight Loss

Instead of jumping on the weighing scales, grab a tape measure, because this is the best way to assess fat loss. Remember, all these workouts are designed specifically to melt the fat and tone the muscle, so you will see the inches drop down quickly.



For your waist, always place tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist. For your bottom, measure around your widest point. For your thigh, measure a quarter of the way down, and make sure you always measure the same leg.