The great thing with the HIIT workout is that most of the workouts don’t require any special equipment, so all you need to find is time, and that again is less than 15 minutes!

But there are a few things worth investing in! In order of importance, I have listed some good HIIT Equipment for your health and ongoing fitness journey.

What Are The Best HIIT Equipment?


Whatever your name for these, they are a must, and as most (but not all) of HIIT workouts have some high-impact moves, it is a good idea to make sure you have a pair of trainers that have a good cushioning sole. This helps reduce any impact and is a good way to help look after your joints. Have a look at the soles of your trainers and make sure they are not to worn out and have plenty of cushioning. Make them a top priority in your closet.

Water bottle

Replenish lost water through your workouts. Hydration is essential for optimal cell function, healthy skin, and digestion.


I like to use dumbbells, but, as I indicated above, anything weighted will work. For beginners, start with 3- to 5-pound weights for the exercises in this book, then add more weight, as needed. You want a weight that will challenge you but won’t feel impossible.

Resistance bands

Varying degrees of tension allow you to modify exercises to your ability level, and multiple sizes help target different body parts.

Yoga mat (optional)

Some people like to have a cushion for floor work and to help reduce impact on the joints when standing; but if you don’t have one, a good alternative is to simply use a bath towel.

Heart rate monitor (optional)

This monitor can be helpful when you’re starting to learn your HIIT training zones. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, no sweat (pun intended)—gauge your workouts by perceived exertion instead. Simply pay attention to how you feel during the work and recovery rounds. Your work rounds should feel extremely challenging—you should be able to say your address, for example, but not much more—and during your recovery rounds, you should feel your heart rate decrease as your breathing becomes fuller and steadier.


You may find that your mobile phone has a got a good stopwatch, or you can even find loads of free apps to download with this capability. Stopwatches, however, are so cheap that for very little money this could be a good investment. Then it is a tangible part of your HIIT gym, and, after all, it is all about time.

One For The Girls

Okay, this is a must if we women want to protect our busts! So don’t think that a nice, normal bra will do the trick of holding you in place when you are doing the star jumps because it won’t. This is why it is important to invest in a good quality sports bra that is the perfect fit and made with quality martial that will keep its strength from wash to wash!

sports bra -

Other Useful Tips:

Find a space in the house and allocate that as your gym space. If you can, keep the items in your kit list in this location, ready for when you are inspired to do one of my HIIT workouts.

And, finally, clothing. The most important workout gear from the kit list provided here that made it into the top three of my priority list are the trainers and the sports bra. As for the rest of your workout gear, the most important
thing is that you feel comfortable in it, and if you are training outdoors, then go bright so you are always very visible.