Before every workout, you should always prepare your body by doing a warm-up and some stretches. The reason why is that it will help prevent any injuries caused by cold muscles because when they are cold they are less pliable, meaning they are tighter, and you will have a smaller range of movement. When the muscles are warmed up, they become more pliable and less likely to cause injuries, and also they become more flexible so you then have a much fuller range of movement. This means exercise is easier, and you will have a more effective workout.

The cool-down portion of a workout allows the body to return to homeostasis. Heart rate, breathing rate, and tissue temperature all decrease and our bodies consume excess oxygen. A cool-down period can also help keep your blood pressure from dropping too rapidly and blood pooling in the lower body, which can lead to dizziness and fainting. After your workout, take time to slow down your pace and intensity while taking deep breaths. One of the best cool-down methods is simply to walk for five minutes at a moderate pace, slowing down the walking speed each minute.

HIIT Training With Warm-up Stretch And Cool-down

How To Warm-up and Cool-down:

If you are doing HIIT indoor workouts, then you have two options. You can either simply march in place for a couple of minutes, and after a minute increase the height that you lift your legs as you march and circle your arms out to your sides. Or, alternatively, you can march up and down the stairs for a couple of minutes.

If you are doing HIIT outdoor workouts, then you can simply walk at a brisk pace for a few minutes.

Once you are warmed up, it’s a good idea to stretch your major muscle groups, and this is also essential to do at the end of your workout, because this helps the muscles repair and prevents muscle soreness.

Calf Stretch

Step back with one leg; keep the back leg straight and the heel down, with both feet pointing forward. Bend the knee of the front leg and place your hands on the bent leg. Feel the stretch in the lower leg that is extended behind. Hold for 10 seconds for your warm-up and 15 seconds for your cool-down.

Hamstring Stretch

Place one leg in front, heel on the floor, and bend the knee of the back leg. Then place both hands on the supporting leg and feel the stretch all the way through the back of the straight Leg. Hold for 10 seconds for your warm-up and
20 seconds for your cool-down.

Quadriceps Stretch

Stand with good posture and bend one leg behind you, bringing the foot toward the buttock. Gently hold the foot or sock of the bent leg. Keep the supporting knee slightly bent.

Hold for 10 seconds on each leg for your warm-up and for 15 seconds on each leg for your cool-down.

Triceps Stretch

Stand with a strong, firm, straight back, with knees slightly bent and tummy pulled in. Lift one arm up and bend it behind your head, aiming to get your hand between your shoulder blades. Gently support it with your other arm. For your warm-up, hold for 10 seconds then repeat with other arm. For your cool-down, hold for 15 seconds on each arm.

Chest Stretch

Stand with good posture and bring your arms behind you, lifting your shoulders up and back to feel the stretch in the chest. Hold for 10 seconds for your warm-up. Hold for 15 seconds for your cool-down.

Back Stretch

Stand with good posture. Keep the knees soft and tummy pulled in. Hold your arms in front of you and imagine you are hugging a big beach ball, feeling the stretch in the back. Hold for 10 seconds for your warm-up. Hold for 15 seconds for your cool-down.